Budget back and forth

It’s no secret that the GOP-majority legislature and Governor Bev Perdue have different visions for this coming year’s budget.  Here’s how they differ when it comes to funding and services within the mental health system (this will be updated as I comb through numbers more fully).

Perdue’s budget:

  • sets aside $75 million for the Mental Health Trust Fund
  • trims $3.3 million from administrative allocations for local management entities

Of note in the governor’s budget – Dorothea Dix Hospital is effectively zeroed out.

GOP budget:

  • no $75 million for the Mental Health Trust Fund
  • cuts of as much as $43 million from mental health services

Secretary of Health and Human Services Lanier Cansler says he’s trying to look at the bright side.  Originally, budget writers proposed cutting $591 million from the budget for all of health and human services.  The budget rolled out this week “only” cut $527 million.

“Our effort right now is working with the legislature as they shape those deductions to try to make certain that we minimize the damage to services and don’t have any more negative impacts than can be helped with that amount of reduction,” Cansler said.

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